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Commission launches climate emergency strategy for Warrington

Warrington’s Climate Emergency Commission has launched a bold new Climate Emergency Strategy for Warrington and is holding its first pop up event at Golden Square during the nationwide ‘Great Big Green Week’ on Thursday,29 September.

The commission, which is supported by the council but importantly is an independent group, consists of business, youth, community and environment representatives – all with a shared aim of addressing the impact of the climate emergency locally.

The lunch time ‘drop in’ session is a chance for people to meet with members of the commission and find out more about the new strategy, which will support the town to collectively take action. The event will take place indoors at Golden Square shopping centre, opposite Next, between 12.30pm-2pm on Thursday 29 September.

The strategy, which acknowledges that without intervention we are hurtling towards climate crisis, details how together we can create a healthier, greener and more sustainable Warrington.

It outlines what we need to do at home, at work and in our communities across a number of key themes including transport, energy and infrastructure, resources and consumption and nature, to collectively combat the worst of the climate emergency’s impacts.

The strategy also calls on businesses and communities to commit to their own action plans to help reduce their impact and play their part locally.

Not just polar bears and ice caps

Chair of the commission, Cllr David Ellis, said: “We are seeing more and more frequently the devastating impact of the climate emergency and I am hopeful that this new strategy will act as the guiding framework for many people locally to take further action.

“For a long time, the climate crisis and global warming was viewed as something slightly intangible, something somehow not that relevant to us – with perhaps more of an impact on polar bears and melting ice caps. But we have seen over recent years an increase in extreme weather events locally – flooding and heatwaves – alongside crop disruption and a decrease in air quality, which will have significant and detrimental impacts to many of our communities if we don’t all agree to make changes.

“The launch of our strategy will mean nothing without action and through it, Warrington’s Climate Emergency Commission invites you to help bring it to life and play your part.”

Warrington Borough Council cabinet member for sustainability and climate change, Cllr Janet Henshaw, said: “We need to take collective action to combat the climate crisis, and as the strategy makes clear there is much to be done and some hurdles to overcome.

“This is a strategy for everyone in Warrington, and I am thankful for the commission in bringing the strategy together. I will work to ensure the council plays its part and brings forward its own action plan as part of the wider effort.

“I urge you to use the strategy in a similar way, and to consider the climate challenge and your part in the local response to it.”

Get involved – attend the Golden Square event and make your Commitment to Act

Warrington’s Climate Emergency Strategy will be publicised through a series of events and activities in the coming months, starting with the pop-up event at Golden Square, opposite Next, between 12.30pm-2pm.

Commission members will be on hand to talk about the strategy and to support people to take action and make their own pledges.

People and businesses are also encouraged, as part of the strategy launch, to submit their own Commitment To Act – a pledge to combat the climate crisis – as a first step to help inspire others to begin taking action.

You can make your own Commitment To Act and find out more about the strategy on the Climate Emergency Commission webpage.